Shirtology – doubleHelixium


We just love mixing random elements, you know, to try to be a brew master of some sort… but for chemicals. We brewed together Helium, vented from balloons, then we extracted Lithium from batteries and finally knocked out an e- from Xenon to generate Helixium.

We know what you’re thinking… it’s pretty awesome. Give us a break. It’s hard work trying to discover new compounds!


Being a science-themed company, it only made sense that we came up with a design that revolved around the periodic table. We scoured the web and found dozens of examples.

Here’s one of our favorites from our friends at BustedTees:

The goal of this particular project was to provide a simple and clever approach to scientifically communicate our brand. We took a look at the table and as luck would have it, a few things immediately popped out.

Helium, Lithium, and Xenon would be used as the centerpiece to create the final product. We decided to eliminate the atomic weight out of the design for a cleaner look and Helvetica Neue was chosen as our feature font.

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